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Alien Solar System Kepler-30 Looks Like Our Own

July 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Alien Solar System Kepler-30 Looks Like Our Own

Pretty awesome. Every day we discover more and more stars that have planets. Many Earth-like worlds have been discovered and even some in the ‘habitable zone’ around their parent star. Two primary techniques are used to discover these planets – from Doppler shift from the wiggling of the star (akin to watching a hammer throw where the person’s rotation along with the heavy hammer produces a wiggle as they spin) to looking at ‘light curves’ (the ever-so subtle dimming and brightening) to deduce a planetary body has passed between us and the star.

At present, our technology could get us to our nearest star, Proxima Centauri, on the order of thousands of years. Clearly this isn’t feasible nor helpful. We would need to advance to more powerful and efficient engines, perhaps an Ion Drive. But I’ll leave that up to the engineers.

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